The Peace FAQ:


Frequently Asked Questions:

Was there ever a state of Palestine? Did Israel conquer Palestine and replace it with a Jewish state?

In what percent of Palestine does Israel exist?


Who does Palestine rightly belong to? Why do the Arabs, a nation which occupies 22 countries, also insist on occupying Palestine?


What is the history of Palestine, where did it get it's name?


Who are the Palestinians? Where did the Arabs of Palestine come from? Are they a separate people, historically different from other Arabs?

Was Palestine full of Arabs before the mass return of Jews?

Did the Jews expel the Arabs from Palestine? Are there no more Arabs in Israel?


If the Land of Israel was so important to the Jews, why did they leave?


Jews were mostly living outside of Palestine for a long time, doesn't that reduce their claim to the land?


Weren't the Arabs living in Palestine for hundreds of years or millenea before the Jews came?


Why did the Jews insist on returning to Palestine? They were doing quite well in other peoples' countries...


Did the Arabs invade the region by force?


Did the rich European Jews take advantage of the poor Arabs and trick them into selling their best land at low cost?


Did the Jewish influx improve the job opportunities, health care, standard of living, infrastructure, which made Palestine an attractive place for Arabs, who would later immigrate to Palestine?


Is the Arab opposition to Israel's existence, an opposition to imperialism, or a fight over limited land?

Where is Palestine? What are its borders? Is it only between the Mediteranean and the river Jordan?


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